The Future Dub Project is a hybrid of computer and instrumental music that breaks away from the limitations of a classic ‘band’ format. Inspired by the classic mixing style of Dub, their formula combines the best elements of each to create powerful and progressive new music. It is a meeting of minds made strong by the unique abilities of each member.    

Kyle B

Production | Dubs | Drums With his experience in production and live-sound engineering, Kyle’s skills heighten the production value and sensory experience of FDP’s intense live show.  He brings his background in Western & African percussion to the table as the Drummer for the Live Show. He has been working as a free-lance engineer since 2010 and is also the engineer/dub mixer for Reggae heavy-weights, The Drop. He is also co-director alongside James of the sound hire, recording and events company Soundfangled. Check out their website at www.soundfangled.com.

James Duff

Production | Guitar | Vocals Having performed extensively around the Globe, James’ knowledge of world-music and production skills bring a vibrant and exciting tone to the music of FDP. He is well-versed in Guitar, Violin, Mandolin and Kora. James has worked and recorded at some of the top studios in the UK including SAHM London, Real World and Box Studios.  

Mike Pockett

Bass | Sub-Bass | Live FX Mike has spent years touring and recording for artists across the UK as a session musician. Having invested countless hours into replicating and improving the style and sounds of Bass music, his skill with creating live Sub-Bass brings an unparalleled resonance to the low-end of FDP. He has recently recorded an album with Ghanian Reggae crew, K.O.G and the All-stars.

Thomas James

Ableton | DJ | Samples Thomas has made his name mixing R&B/Hip Hop at clubs and bars across the UK and establishing his blend of Reggae, Dub & Dancehall on the vibrant party scene of Paris. Using his expertise with Ableton, Thomas brings the recorded elements of FDP to life on stage, mixing and sampling elements like a DJ set. He also runs the electric and stylish music-blog/youtube channel/soundcloud Ardmore Radio.

Peta Oneir

Singer | Songwriter Peta is a creative singer-songwriter who has made a name for herself writing for electronic music. She has a wealth of experience – having been featuring artists for Ulterior Motive from Metalheadz as well as Enei, Foreign Concept and Emperor from Critical Records. Her husky unique tone and exuberant personality comes alive when she performs onstage adding to the intensity of the future dub projects live shows.






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