Nubiyan Twist – Debut Album Out Now

The long awaited debut album from the incredible Nubiyan Twist is finally here. I first caught these guys at Secret Garden Party last year at 4 in the morning, and although the sound wasn’t up to scratch the atmosphere was still pretty awesome. When it came to the Sunday night of Shambala I wasn’t prepared at all for the intense barrage of sound I was about to witness. Definitely the highlight of the festival for me, these guys are really in a league of their own.

We were lucky enough to hear a cheeky preview of this album when recording our last live video over at Henwood’s Studio (run by Joe and Tom from the band) and were really impressed then, but the album really pulls all the tracks together. It’s hard to talk about these guys without comparisons to Fela Kuti, as their driving rhythms, killer guitar lines and unreal horn parts are clearly influenced by the legend, but it would be rude to leave it at this. They’ve taken the best of African Jazz, Afrobeat, Reggae and Hip-Hop and fused it into by far my favourite album of the year so far.

I can’t tell you enough how strong this band is, and they’re fronted by the wonderful Nubiya, who’s innovative melodies and interesting lyrics make for an unbeatable product. Have a listen for yourself and if you enjoy it, do the right thing and part with your pennies. Turn it up!

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